Enviromental responsibility

As a forward-thinking, global real estate company, we believe that protecting the environment makes obvious sense, both from an environmental and a long-term economic point of view. Our leadership in this area is evidenced through our use of innovative green-construction principles and standards in a growing number of our projects throughout the world. Our aim is to minimize the environmental damage associated with our activities, to become more energy efficient and to improve the day-to-day environmental footprint of our operations.

Gazit-Globe feels a heightened sense of responsibility to improve the individual and collective experiences of all our customers, tenants and team members by upholding the highest social and environmental standards. We aim to continue applying our policies of social responsibility so as to foster higher standards of living and enhance the quality of life in the communities in which we are active.



Gazit-Globe is committed to the principles of Social Responsibility and to putting them into practice throughout our Group. We are guided by an Ethical Business Code of Conduct, and are committed to a high standard of transparency and to acting as a good corporate citizen.

Social Investment Policy

As part of Gazit-Globe's vision, we seek to contribute to the communities in which we operate. Among other things, our commitment is demonstrated by our support of numerous charitable organizations that share our values including academic excellence, reducing social inequality, and assisting young people, as well as of organizations and initiatives related generally to health, education, welfare, arts and culture.

The main area in which we seek to contribute is education with a particular emphasis on achievement, leadership and social responsibility.  We believe that education is a fundamental and essential element to bringing about change and reduce social and economical inequalities.

As part of Gazit-Globe's commitment to good corporate citizenship, we encourage and actively assist our employees to volunteer in their communities. 

We are proud that our activities have been recognized by the Maala Organization for Social Responsibility, Israel’s leading advocate for corporate citizenship and values, which has awarded our company with its highest ‘Platinum+’ ranking for the past several years.  We are also making sure that the company is controlled and directed based on the highest standards of corporate governance.

Corporate Responsibility Report

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