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The Company, through its public and private investees is a leading global real estate company focused on the ownership, management and development of retail and mixed use properties in major urban markets in North America, Brazil, Israel, Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. The Group continues to look for opportunities within its core business, in geographies in which it already operates as well as other regions. The Company’s shares are listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd. (“TASE”), the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”), and the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSX”), under the ticker symbol “GZT”.

Invest Through Public and Private Subsidiaries

  Publicly Listed Subsidiaries Private Subsidiaries
Not consolidated Consolidated
Regency Centers First Capital Citycon Atrium Gazit Brasil Gazit Israel Gazit Horizons
Region US Canada Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estania and Denmark Central and Eastern Europe Sao Paulo, Brazil Israel US
Current Ownership 4.8% 32.5% 46.2% 59.8% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Investment 1.7 Billion NIS 4.6 Billion NIS 4.2 Billion NIS 4.6 Billion NIS BRL 3 billion NIS 3.1 billion NIS 450 million
GLA (sqm.)   2.2 million 1.2 million 0.9 million 162,000 177,000 12,500